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Social so fast
you'll freak

An unlimited social design subscription service.


Social design subscriptions that fit any budget

Social content the way you want it when you need it.


Unlimited asset requests with any of our plans.


Start getting your content within just a few business days.


We keep working until you're 100% happy.

This has been the single best decision I've made when it comes to marketing.



- Lindsey

Your money goes to your content.

Large agencies are expensive, with endless meetings, multiple points of contact, and slow results. We fix that.

When you need it done, it's done.

No Meetings / Just  Content

We want to spend the most time working on your projects - give us the details & we take it from there to create the best social media.

Requests Made Easy / Trello

With Trello, you can organize your requests, prioritize designs, and track active projects with just a few clicks.

Everyone is Invited / that you want

Invite your entire team to review, request, and manage tasks so no one is out of the loop.

Free Social Strategy Toolkit

Check out this link for some cool social strategy calendars we whipped up. Grab some inspiration or hit us up for a personalized one!

What you get

Your one-stop destination for all your social design needs. We mean all of em'.


Fast delivery

Get your content when
you need it.


Original Content

Every piece is crafted to your unique brand voice."


Fixed price

You know exactly what you're paying each month.


Team based

Multiple minds, one unified vision.


Meets your demand

We adjust to your needs, ensuring consistency.



Our services grow with you in either direction.


Knows your Brand

Content that resonates with your audience.


No cost revisions

We keep going until everyone is happy.

Recent work

Great performing social, and nothing less.

Comp 1_00394.jpg
Comp 1_00157.jpg
Comp 2_00819.jpg

Graphics, copy,
​production & more.

Social media graphics

Website builds

Video editing


Social audits

Pitch decks

Tik Tok posts

Content calendars

CEO Linkedin mgmt

Social strategy

Media pre-production

Social media templates

Motion Graphics

Paid ads

Photo & video shoots

Email graphics 

Social campaigns

Instagram reels

Social first script writing

Production budgeting

Custom responses

Membership options

Choose a plan that's right for you.

 Most Popular 

Just social

One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime. 


Pause or cancel anytime.

What's included:

  • One request at a time

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited stock photos & Video

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • Social Copy + Assets

  • Backend Digital Work

  • Custom Production

Social +

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Pause or cancel anytime.

What's included:

  • Two requests at a time

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited stock photos & Video

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • Content Copy + Assets

  • Custom Production Photography & Video

All in

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Pause or cancel anytime.

What's included:

  • Five requests at a time

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited stock photos & Video

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • Social Copy + Assets

  • Custom Production Photography & Video

With all plans, when you've got a big request, we'll give you a heads-up on the timeline before we dive in.

Book a call

Curious to see if we're the right fit for your brand? In a 15-minute call, we'll understand your needs and give you a glimpse of what Wolves Creative can offer. Book now and let's explore the potential together.

  • Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time social media producer?
    That's always an option! But hiring a full-time social media producer often means bringing on a whole crew: copywriters, video editors, graphic designers, and even a creative director to keep things on point with the latest trends. Assembling this dream team? It might set you back over $200k a year (and that's if you catch a break). Plus, think about the extra costs when plans change, or you need tweaks and edits. It all adds up. But here's the cool part: our monthly subscription is super flexible. Start, pause, or stop as projects roll in. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. So, you get top-notch quality without emptying your pockets and the freedom to use us whenever it works for you.
  • How fast is the actual turn around?
    Most of the time, we wrap up requests in just a few of days. If things get a bit complex, it might take a tad longer. But don't sweat it, we'll keep you posted every step of the way and the more we work with your brand the faster things go!
  • How long does it take to make a full month of Social Assets?
    Once we're all set up, we typically whip up a calendar in about 10-15 days. After you give the thumbs up on the copy, we jump into crafting the assets and then wait for your final nod. The more we vibe, the quicker we roll. And hey, if you've already got some images or copy on hand, we can totally work backward as well! We're here to make you content life easier.
  • What if I only have a single request?
    No worries! Feel free to hit pause on your subscription once you're done and hop back in when you're ready for more designs. We wouldn't want the rest of your subscription just sitting there collecting dust!
  • Do I really get unlimited requests?
    Absolutely! Once you're in, throw as many tasks our way as you like. We'll tackle them one after the other, shoot them over to you for a thumbs up, and then move on to the next.
  • What does a "Request" look like?
    It's whatever you need! Whether you need an email revamp with stunning graphics, an outstanding T-shirt design, a captivating post for Flag Day, or a full calendar for an entire month, we've got you covered! This also includes our production skills - if you need Photo, Video, or all of it we handle it. We take on all challenges and work diligently to keep your team or business thriving. Just ask and we'll break it down into steps or work on the simple requests.
  • Who are you guys/gals?
    We are a tight nit group of Three. We're one copywriter / producer, one graphic designer / editor, & one photographer / videographer. That's it. All we do is social and that's how we can move so quickly.
  • How do I request designs?
    In Trello, you can pretty much attach whatever you want, from pics to papers. Lots of folks ask for designs straight through Trello or drop in Google docs + references. Video messages are also totally cool if you want to chat through your content strategy. Basically, if you can link it or pop it into Trello, we're all ears!
  • How does the pause feature work?
    Maybe you don't have a month's worth of design tasks right now, just a couple of things on your plate. No biggie! That's why you can hit pause on your subscription and save your additional time for when things come up!
  • Where do you get your content?
    We've got three awesome ways to amplify your social content: If you've got photos or videos, we can remix and reshape them to fit perfectly into your calendars or social ads. Need the perfect image or clip? We tap into a vast library to source visuals that align with your brand's quality and essence. Custom creations! Whether you need a specific shoot or are scouting for the right backdrop and models, we've got your back. - For those who love motion graphics, catchy text, and compelling narratives, we craft dynamic visuals that truly resonate with your audience.
  • How do we access all our content?
    Most requests are designed using After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, or Canva and are delivered through a shared Google Suite made just for your team.
  • Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?
    Given the time and effort we pour into each project, we don't offer refunds. But again, you can pause or cancel at your leisure.
  • What if I don't like it?
    No worries! We work until you're 100% satisfied.
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